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Monday, September 26, 2011

A Tragic Disappointment

I got over my pet peeve of eating in my car on September 24, 2011. It wasn’t just one incident but the various interactions that all added up to the whole thing not being worth the potential damage that could be done to my car, or more importantly, the things that i kept in there. It all stared off with a great day, visiting both Sundance and Park City for the first time and seeing just how lucrative other people lived and how unimpressed i seemed to be with them. I felt the day was a colonial success. I think me and Brandy (full disclosure of the actual name of the person I was with has not yet been permitted because they are currently playing wake boarding on the wii and cannot be interrupted so i substituted it with the black friend I always wish I had) had established we were hungry but did not want to pay $14.75 for a sandwich that we would later regret. However, if I could have known what the evenings outcomes were going to end up like, I would have payed the $14.75 gladly and kept what little hope i had built up in humanity since i realized i missed the Hall & Oats tour the previous month. Anyway. We had decided on waiting until we reached Salt Lake to grab something to eat. We went over what we felt like and we ruled out pizza and pasta. We were lingering on hamburgers when we saw a Taco Bell off in the distance. I have always been a sucker for what we refer to back home as the Taco Bizz. It could be because I am always impressed by the way they have 2,37,895 different options for the same thing. Beef, cheese and some form of beans. Bravo capitalism. As we pulled in, the question was pitched and I took advantage of the knuckle ball. I parked the car and refused the “convenience” of the drive through. I ignored the 2 men who had what looked like a garbage bag full of junk, but quickly thought to myself ‘some people live out of bags, i shouldn’t judge people just because they feel the need to bring their homes with them everywhere.’ sometimes i wish i had my personal belongings by my side getting in the way of my bike wheels. As we continued in we got to the front counter and established what we wanted. I ordered first and then Jill. I mean Brandy. As we got seated and waited for our food to be called we realized we were not alone. There had been a boy who was watching me get some taco sauce packets that I paid no mind of him until we sat down and he maid a point that he could see us. And by us I mean Brandy. I wasn’t sure at first why she was so uneasy but then i turned and looked and he was in the booth behind us. He had a goofy grin plastered on his face as he shamelessly gazed in our direction. I turned and was even more uncomfortable that he gave what I know was a horrified look on my face zero consideration. I turned back and was unfortunately able to see him in the reflection of the window. If he had any clue as to what disgust and repugnance was, he didn’t show it. I moved so the back of my head blocked his view to Brandy but I clearly saw him shift so he could see around me. Eating became the first priority. I have never enjoyed a taco less. Which is not okay when eating at Taco Bell is the closest to a real Mexican I can feel at times. (which is another reason I may have a soft spot for the Taco Bizz. we are both masquerading like we were made form south of the border.) We were nearly done when a lady with a cast up to her mid bicep came in. she seemed a little shook up but I brushed it off as a normal habit people who entered this particular Taco Bell would have. She wandered around a little before she ended up at us. “do either of you have a cell phone?” she asked. I looked down in front of me and there lay my phone, fully exposed. I didn’t even say anything, I just handed it over. Luckily she stayed put and explained to us quickly that there was “ a black man out there with a little girl who seemed to be getting violent.” I looked out the window quickly but saw nothing. Which I was both comforted and concerned by. She had called the police. She was explaining our current location and what people were waring and within a few minutes they arrived. I wasn’t sure what to say or do but before we could really say or so anything they were gone and off investigating i suppose. As we threw away our things and got to my car I realized there could be a good reason people invented a way to get food without having to leave the comfort and safeness of your vehicle.

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