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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Nicole Plays Work

Whilst working at the Ron Wilson Center (for effective living) there are many things that are to be taken seriously. When working with people with disabilities their safety, well being, and personal preference for activities is a very high priority. Fortunately I work with clients and staff that counter the seriousness wonderfully. These are some of my favorite moments and/or quotes. 

One client I work with has a small job at the local grocery store putting food away and organizing displays. He loves rock 'n roll and enjoys dancing just as much as the next person. One day while organizing the front wall we had a growing garbage pile that needed to be disposed of. I suggested that he should throw it away before it got too big to carry and he looked at me and said "I can't, I broke my legs." and walked a little ways away. He looked back and smiled and came back to take it to the trash.  As he left he threw up a peace sign and chanted "Peace, love, and rock 'n roll" as he made his way to the garbage. 

A typical moment at Monmouth 1 house:
Darren is watching Star Wars (episode 1 only) and nodding off every few seconds. 
The phone rings.
"Hello?" Darren says tiredly. There is a long pause for the reply. 
"Yes." he said. 
"Uh huh." He seemed a little indifferent and bored. 
"Yeah. I will." and he hung up. 
"Who was that?" I asked. Curious because they don't get many calls. 
"Wynter." He says. She is another staff that works at the house. 
"Oh. What did she need?" 
"I dunno." He said falling back asleep and taking no further interest in the matter. 

One conversation with Jessie St. John:
"So Jessie, What do you want to be when you grow up?" I asked.
"Elvis." He said simply while he went out for a smoke. 

My boss was giving out high fives at lunch at the day program The Center has. 
But she doesn't know that one of our clients has egg salad sandwich all over her hands that i went to go get a napkin for.
Gotta be ready for anything. 

Nothing like a good day at the RWC.