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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

SeaWorld vs. Dr. Ethics

I will be the first to admit to attending a Seaworld theme park. Yes, I paid good money to see  capitalism pretend to be humanitarian. And what's more, at the time I enjoyed it. I would like to tell you that the moment I walked in I felt dirty, and I immediately realized the fault in my decision. That I spat on the unethical treatment of majestic animals, like any good Pacific North Westerner (PNW) would have done, but I didn't. I think I actually bought a sweater. 

My point, friends, is that I didn't see it. I didn't see the madness, I didn't see injustice, I didn't bother to think beyond myself. Now, looking back, that was the worst part. Knowing how I felt and trying to think, if just for a second, I realized what I was doing and what I was supporting. After hours of thinking about that day, after remembering how I felt, the answer I will always be haunted by is a resounding no.

Honestly, I've never been one for the ocean. It's ominous, daunting, and a breeding ground for my imagination to take a slow left turn to terrible-horrible-creatureville. But where Orcas are concerned, I find that there are many things that I find appealing and remarkable. They are smart, they stick together, they enjoy having fun, and they are jaw droppingly beautiful. But what sometimes gets pushed to the back burner, especially where SeaWorld is concerned, is that they are lethal. They are considered to have 'the worlds most sophisticated method of hunting'. These six to seven ton animals can reach the size of a school bus, are innovative masters of the sea.

 I feel that my first impression of them would not be : "You know what? Let's wrangle up some small ones, stick them in a giant fish bowl, teach them how to jump through a hoola-hoop,  and force them, for the rest of their stunted lives, to perform for millions of people." Probably because I'm not a cooperate heathen who doesn't care about anything but my pocket book.

Now,  I get to the real kicker of this article. As I had mentioned, I have been to a SeaWorld. Every now and then I receive  an email from them, and the one I have been waiting for has finally come. (Stay with me)

Before you take a gander at the following, keep in mind SeaWorld stock has gone from 40 dollars to twenty over the last 2 years, that big money makers like the Seahawks cancelled their SeaWorld trip while in San Diego because of negative publicity associated with the theme park.

But most importantly, more pressing than the loss of reputation, the lies, and hitting the red combined, more than half a dozen incidences and injuries have occurred. Including a fatality.

This is utterly unacceptable.

With all that long windedness in mind, here is what their desperation has come to:

Ah, sweet desperation. Thank you for reading. 

As always, its been a pleasure,