Interesting Tid Bits

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Some Typical Shinanigans

Once upon a midnight day there was a group of utterly ridiculous, completely niffty college kids playing in a dumpster. (it was cleaner than it sounds.)

Then one fell in.

After such an adventure they had a sudden burst of creativity. They soon decided what better way to express them selves than to have a tye dye party.

Once they decided they were heading dangerously close to the social "norm" they made plans to remedy that fact by playing a good old fasion game of cowboys and indians. It seemed logical enough.

Indians in their native habitat. Or something.

This one died.

Once this subsided we realized that our unique activity quota was not as full as we would like. So we declared a bike jousting tournament. (The correct precautions were taken as seen bellow.)

Fat Suit.



Mexi wins.

Then somehow she made it into this tree.

After every week of ridiculously outlandish events we end them playing at the dunes and trying to build a fire and share less than scary stories.

The End.


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Nicole goes to school.

As i am back at school, this also means classes and other such commitments. My class list is as follows:

1.) Fencing- It's a lot like ballet but with 398 more ways of offending people. Even the slightest move can send people into a fury.

2.) Philosophy- Ancient Rome philosophers and the tales they told to get them in trouble. Its an interesting class to say the least.

3.) Social Problems- More like stand up comedy for an hour and a half, our proffesor makes us call him Steven. Not Proffesor Smith. We learn about how people act in situations that go against what is normal to them, and how they always leave in a more awkward mood anyway.

4.) Church History- Self explanitory. It is an interesting class, which is interestingly enough held in the agriculture building. Who would have thought?

5.) Humanities- The study of literature, music, art, film, philosophy, and also human beings. The people in this particular class are perfect example of "individuality". Interesting indeed.

6.) FA 100- Fine Arts 100 is a compilation of concerts, plays, and other such performances which must be attended as a requirement for graduating. Naturally i had no choice not to take it. Sooner is better than later i suppose.