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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Chicka Chicka What?

Oh hey kin folk. If you didn't already know, or didn't catch where my Facebook status is updated from, I have moved to the PNW. Which is hipster for the Pacific North West. Or something. They don't care if you misquote them.

So far I have discovered what an Ovo Lacto Vegetarian looks like, I have my own compost bin, I have an "urban garden", nixed my umbrella, am the owner of multiple rain boots, have a public transportation quick pass (also known as an Orca Card. Win in itself), replaced my wipers, figured out what express lanes are about, re acclimated to one way streets, have not attended a Walmart in a year, hydroplaned and paid for multiple reusable bags that I haven't used enough to be worth it.

Also, Im gonna pop some tags, $20 in my pocket.

Gotta love some Macklemore.

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Natalie andCourt said...

I miss you now that you aren't here anymore! Because we used to hang out so much. But seriously, I wish you were still here so I could at least see you twice a year!